Governor Silvestri 2020-03-20

Summary of Facebook Live Chat by Governor Silvestri at 2020-03-20 16:45

Note that it’s been re-ordered and some repetition collapsed.

Airlines, Visas and International Travel


US Airlines:



Purchased tickets:

Will the airport stay open?

Flight from mainland to rejoin family?

Flights from SAP?

Getting to the planes when they arrive?

Visa Overstay?

Leaving priorites, can those without tickets get on flights going out?

Can Avianca book on other airlines?


Had a flight to USA through SAP from Utila, how to proceed if no transport?


Private charters (including charter to Miami (MIA))?

Spirit airlines?

Canadians are going, why not the USA?

Will immigration be open next week?

Overstay fees?

WhatsApp groups for flights?

Commercial flights next Saturday?

Convincing airlines?

Charter approvals?

Curfew and Martial Law

NB: The governor found out about martial law at the end of the transmission, it overrides other comments until we resort back to curfew.

Martial law on a nation level?

Marshall law, food delivery?

Private security with martial law?

Different rules between islands?

NB: the following 6 items are probably obsoleted by martial law

Extending 14 day lockdown?

Curfew at West End?

7 or 14 days?

West End Pharmacy is open?

Utila 24/7 curfew unless going to supermarket

If any of the pending COVID-19 tests come back positive, what will happen?

Taxis and other Local Travel

Is it legal to ride taxi with number covered for own errands?

How can multiple people travel in a car, if there’s a limit of 2?

Taxi’s to airport?

How do multiple people from same hotel get to airport?


COVID-19 test results:

Testing and suspicious cases, how does that affect Utila to Roatan?

Cases on mainland?

General Questions

Information about employees of businesses which had to cease operations?

Food bank:

Police harassing grocery store owners for selling alcohol


Additional patrols to prevent boats coming in?

Food supplies?

Resorts closed and can guests be moved so workers can protect themselves?

Citizen projects:

Have Reco and Max waive payments, can’t pay bills without income?

Paying leases if we’ve closed operations?

Semana Santa?

Insulin for diabetes?

Getting to La Ceiba for treatment after a severe accident?

Pregnatant ladies from Utila:

Numbers for immigration for number of people on island with visas?