Governor Silvestri 2020-04-02

Summary of Facebook Live Chat by Governor Silvestri at 2020-04-02 15:50

Videos are now split between Spanish and English. This only covers the English video.

Note that it’s been re-ordered and some repetition collapsed.


Thank you to those who have donated food to volunteers.

Hospital equipment donation has arrived.

Microsoft and Google do dollar for dollar matching of donations. Chevron does 2 for 1. Pepsi also does some matching.

A list of donors has been added to:


Traveling when it’s not your day to go to supermarkets:




Buzz about Honduras not having PPE:

Local creation of home made ventilators:

As part of the preparation the team is running scenarios for the case when the Bay Islands gets COVID-19

If sick on Utila:


Sailboat tried to enter last night:

European flight today from SPS to Europe on Condor airlines.

CM Flights:

Getting to mainland:


COVID-19 Response Team:

Orthopedic doctors:

Patrolling Utila waters: