Governor Silvestri 2020-04-03

Summary of Facebook Live Chat by Governor Silvestri at 2020-04-03 15:50

While the video says EspaƱol, it’s actually both. Skip to 22:50 for English.

It’s the governors birthday!

Note that it’s been re-ordered and some repetition collapsed.


Fund raising is for all the Bay Islands, not just Roatan





Governor talks about his own trip to the supermarket as it was his day to go today and he hasn’t been in a week. Managed to get 90% of what he was looking for and the places he went have good protective measures.



Businesses such as hardware stores:


Local hospitals and clinic preparation:

Handling COVID-19 infection:

Mobile Hospital to Utila:

Hospital screening:

Getting equipment:

Contact info for off island tourists:

Rice University have ventilator plans online:

Transfer to Roatan from Utila for patients:


Coming back to the islands:

Ferry to La Ceiba:

Going to Roatan:


Coxen Hole:

Please avoid insulting the governor and their team. They’re working to do what’s best for all the islands and that’s sometimes going to be really inconvenient for individuals. World wide crisis, so it’s hard on everyone. Their objective is to get everyone home, just not sure how long that’s going to take to do safely.

Rotary Meeting:

Canadians video: