Governor Silvestri 2020-04-15

Summary of Facebook Live Chat by Governor Silvestri at 2020-04-15 15:30

Content starts at 3:15.

The is a transcript of the English transmission. There is also a Spanish transmission which I do not translate.

Note that it’s been re-ordered and some repetition collapsed.


Matching Donation:


Utila fundraising:


Donation oversight committee:

HNL 50,000 relief by congress:



Honduras peak in June:

Reminder to keep hands clean and avoid touching your face, it’s an important factor in minimising exposure to COVID-19. For example, if you need to wipe sweat off your face use a handkerchief or similar.

Rapid response kits:


Expired visas when things open again:

Mainlanders trying to get back to the mainland:

Islanders trying to get back:


Governor is having discussions with the Rotary club in the USA on collaboration.

Meeting today to work on opening up the islands. Should have more info tomorrow.

Police blocking parking:

Pharmacies in French Harbour are now open.

Paying internet bills:

Children in school:

Laid off without pay:

Decision making: