Governor Silvestri 2020-06-01

Summary of Facebook Live Chat by Governor Silvestri at 2020-06-01 08:30

Starts at 02:30

The Spanish tramission can be found here


Country wide project:

Travel inside islands this week

Ferry to Bay Islands

Opening restaurants:

Positive test cases affect reopening?


Reopening businesses:

COVID-19 on the islands and reopening:

Testing and Medical


Donated Medical devices

Number of respirators on Island:

Rapid testing:

PCR testing on islands:

Handling tourists who get COVID-19 in the Bay Islands:

People who have had the virus arriving:

Allowing those who have been self quarantining to return:

Request for applying time at sea to quarantine time:


Press conference from Sunday:

Business permit expenses:

Food availability:

Roatan to USA flights: