Utila Municipality 2020-04-18

Summary of council meeting at 2020-04-18 21:00

Meeting started at 17:00

A woman has come onto the island without going through quarantine. Council met to analyse how to handle the situation to ensure everyone is safe.

The woman who came here without quarantine has put everyone at risk. They’re also looking into (this is implied, not stated outright) who brought her in and who those people have been in contact with. Also, how she got from the landing area to home and who she might have contaminated.

Request that gossiping and speculation is minimised while they find out what happened and work out what is the best plan of action to deal with it.

There will be more information on Sunday (2020-04-19).

Trying to bring people onto the island in a controlled manner. This isn’t helped by someone breaking all the rules.

For those in the Cays still in quarantine, please stay it’s only a few more days. You’re almost home free and people want to see you here, so please have patience until your quarantine is over.

We need to be even more careful walking the streets than normal. Please stay home, it’s very important right now. We have an absolute curfew that requires IDs, please respect this.