Utila Municipality 2020-05-27

Summary of council meeting at 2020-05-27 11:45

English starts at 03:45

On the 26th (Tuesday), two groups of islanders who were scheduled to be repatriated were tested for COVID-19.

This process, of rapid testing, will be used going forward before bringing people to the 14 day quarantine on Utila. This test shows whether the person has come into contact with COVID-19, not whether they currently have it.

The boat used to transport people to the Keys is also being used to take criminals to the mainland, so there should be fewer issues locally.

There have also been reports of people entering the island illegally. If you see someone strange or someone you haven’t seen in a while, please report this to the municipality. We don’t want to be in the same situation as Roatan where people came illegally and brought COVID-19 with them.

There is a process for bringing people back to Utila legally and this has been running for 5 weeks. There is no need to come illegally.