Utila Municipality 2020-07-09

There were 4 updates posted back to back, so I’m going to summarise them all in this one post.

Police Testing

Video. Spanish and English intermixed. English at 00:00-02:00, 05:30-06:40

Triage center Hours: 07:00-10:00 Monday-Friday

50 rapid tests donated by The Dream

Police testing:

PCR testing:

New trash collection vehicle:

New trash site:


Chief of Police

Video. English: 00:00-01:50

Chief of Police: Moises Bodden

All police have been tested, no one is showing symptoms. So far all tests are negative.

Thanks to The Dream for donating the tests so that all the police could be tested. Police testing is important as they are patrolling the dock and thus come in close proximity with incoming vessels and crew.

The police request that everyone wear masks and use hand sanitiser/gloves whenever you go out. This allows them to focus on crime instead of chasing people for biosecurity breaches.

Tour of Center

Video. English: 00:00-02:00, 03:33-03:40

People line up outside, distanced. Doctor has a bed and desk available to do checks. Testing in the side room.

Thanks to everyone who helped clean up and provided the furniture.

Video shows processing of tests. Medical staff are wearing biosecurity garments (long jackets, face masks, eye coverings, hair coverings, gloves).

Rapid tests take 15-20 minutes to get a result after a sample is drawn.

Results sent to La Ceiba take about a week to return.

Police Uniforms

Video. English: 00:00-00:40, 01:10-02:20, 03:00-04:00, 00:40-end

Thanks to David Alderman for the new uniforms

Thanks to Mr Shelby

Mayor Bodden apologises for having to put in new rules, but they’re required for safety at the moment. We’ll know more about what’s needed longer term when the PCR results come back.