Utila Municipality 2020-08-05

Video English 00:00-13:00, Spanish 13:00-end

Meeting with doctors, are reinforcing the medical team a bit more and getting in more medical equipment, including an X ray machine.

Tour of clinic (centro de salud) modifications:

Trying to find a doctor to come in who can take and read X rays so that Utilians don’t need to go to La Ceiba to get them.

Almost 400 people were taken off the island during the pandemic, lots of lessons learned from this. The municipality is working on rules for reopening, as well as some other organisational improvements which include the lessons learned. Once the draft has been drawn up the new rules will be presented to the island for comment.

The clinic on the Keys was replaced.

Triage still operating during the construction for updating the clinic

Medical staff have been working long hours during the pandemic and deserve our thanks.

Video by Shelby.

There should be another video on Thursday, reviewing the inside of the clinic.