Utila Municipality 2020-08-31

Update from Mayor Bodden: Video

Entire video is English. Spanish will be posted in a separate video, but as of this writing it hasn’t been published.

The municipality is working with the minister of tourism on reopening the island. They’re expecting her to send some staff over to assist with planning.

For reopening they’re also working with the previously mentioned new rules and guidelines. There’s a desire to start up much better than how the island was operating before.

There will be another meeting in the next week or so to see how people are feeling about reopening businesses.

Today the corporation had a meeting and decided to let all residents return with just a rapid test. So no need to do a PCR to come home as of 2020-09-01.

Rapid tests can be acquired in La Ceiba or San Pedro Sula. If you’re arriving internationally and coming across the same day or next day, the test you took to arrive in Honduras is still valid. It’s valid for 72 hours (he said 62, but this is probably a mistake as all others rules are 72 hours). The change is because the PCR test is expensive and can be difficult to get.

The ferry got an inspection and OK from SINAGER.

There is going to be a porch along the main road going to the dock and the construction for this is going well. The aim is to cover the cement with wood as well to make a much more presentable entrance to the island.


Volunteers are also handing out food and spraying for mosquitoes. This has been a huge help.