Utila Municipality 2020-09-05

Update from Mayor Bodden and Dr Manzanares: Video

Spanish then English. English 1:15 - End

Today the Utila Dream ferry brought 16 people with rapid tests which were over 1 month old. This contravenes the ordinance, which requires people entering to present rapid diagnostic tests are no more than 72 hours old. This also represents a hazard to the people of Utila as it potentially exposes everyone to COVID-19.

Second video from Mayor Bodden

Spanish then English. English 07:40 - End

The Dream Ferry announced they were going to arrive the day before yesterday and a meeting was setup to discuss the new municipal rules.

This morning, they were asked multiple times to provide rapid test results for everyone who was on board (including crew and SINAGER officials). The municipal police, navy and national police closed the gate until the rapid tests were presented.

The tests provided were a month old, which violated the rule requiring a test no older than 72 hours. The mayor feels it is very disrespectful of the Utila Dream to not do what is being asked to keep Utila safe. The cargo vessels have been playing by the rules and it is surprising that passenger boats is not. Utila Dream is promoting trips starting from 2020-09-07 without a PCR or rapid test. Mayor Bodden is disappointed as it seems that the ferry is not willing to operate by the municipal ordinances. It’s very bad for the island.

The current plan is to open the island on 2020-10-01.

There will be a meeting to discuss the problem and they will let us know tomorrow morning what steps will be taken towards the operation of Utila Dream.

There was also an announcement of a meeting at the municipal pier on Sunday 2020-09-06 at 10:00