WhatsApp Groups

This page lists the WhatsApp groups which are public and coordinating various activities around Utila (mostly flights off for those who want to leave).

Note: If you do not need to be in a chat, please leave it as there’s a 256 person limit in each group and you might be stopping someone who needs to be there from gaining access.


Visa and Residency Renewal

If you need to renew your residency or extend your visa, the volunteers on this channel will try to assist you:

Volunteering to Paint the Medical Center

If you’d like to volunteer to help paint the medical center, join:

Private Charters


If you are trying to organise a charter, the governor needs the following (NB: charters of 15 or fewer are easier to get grants for):


The following is mostly obsolete as there aren’t currently any planned flights into the islands.

Currently Active

RTB Mainland US:

US Mainland RTB:

Country Specific

Airline Specific (confirmed tickets only)


Connector Flights

Other Airline Information

Dino Silvestri (the Bay Islands Governor) has said that any airline will be able to send planes as long as they arrive empty. Have them contact gobernadorislas at GMail.